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We understand that losing data from any Solid State Drive can be frustrating and needs immediate attention. Therefore, a SSD data recovery specialist will be ready when you need him the most.


Regardless of the price tag of your Solid State Drive and cutting edge technology, a SSD can still fail.  So, whenever your Solid State Drive fails, you can count on our high success rate to bring your data back.


Our engineers at Datalab have been successfully recovering data from Solid State Drives regardless of the data loss cause or type of failure.  Call us for a free consultation at any time. We can really help!


We pride ourselves on being a customer oriented company and big believers of fair pricing and ethic business practices.  Our Solid State Drive Data Recovery Price starts at only $699 with a Free Evaluation.


Why choose Datalab?

Our engineers have successfully performed hundreds of recoveries on Solid State Drives since the SSD technology was first released. ¬†Now, with more and more computer computer using Solid State Drives for both performance and storage, there is only one company to trust when it comes to recovering data from a SSD… Datalab.

Why using a SSD?

There are two simple but related words to explain why the use of SSDs is rapidly increasing: speed and performance. ¬†Current generation SSD controllers have technology-changing features such as de-duplication, compression, and safer encryption protocols. ¬†They provide way more performance and up to 100x greater data protection than standard hard drives. ¬†However, they can also fail… and because the level of complexity is higher, you need a company like Datalab with a proven record of successful SSD data recovery cases.

Regardless of your brand or model of SSD, we can take on the case with full confidence.  Solid State Drives store data in flash memory chips.  Most SSD data loss situations occur due to physical damage to the flash chips and how data is logically stored on them.  The following are some of the most common failure types:

  • Electronic component failure
  • Controller chip failure
  • Power surges
  • Damage to circuit boards
  • Connectors damaged
  • Firmware updates

Datalab Collaboration with Manufacturer

Datalab collaborates and maintains a close relationship with all major SSD and parts manufacturers like OCZ, Kingston, SanDisk, OWC and many others around the world.  With most manufacturers using their own propietory technolgy, it is important to keep a close realtionship to have heads up with new releases and hardware and firmware updates notices.  All of these give Datalab an extra set of tools to increase the chances of success.

When you think that you are on the right Track to recover your RAID and you are informed that it can’t be recovered… Call Datalab, we have recovered RAIDs when others have failed.

Glen Vitale
V.P. of Operations
Steeda Autosports
6 Hard Drives RAID 10

‚ÄúWe were very fortunate to have Datalab. When our Dell Server with 6 hard drives in a RAID 10 configuration crashed and our additional backup failed, we immediately started calling and researching Data Recovery companies. After diligently talking to some big companies, we chose Datalab not only due to pricing, but because of the peace of mind and confidence we had after talking to one of their RAID Engineers. Datalab was able to recover our critical data, including our custom Oracle Database. Steeda Autosports, highly recommends Datalab!¬Ä¬Ě‚ÄĚ

Rickey Huntley
Network Manager
City of Deerfield Beach, FL
5 Hard Drives RAID 5

‚ÄúThe City of Deerfield Beach, Florida experienced a ‚Äúmission critical‚ÄĚ data recovery situation when two drives failed in our six-drive RAID 5 main server. Data on this server is critical for the city to continue to run. We searched the Internet for a company that could perform a ‚ÄúPriority RUSH‚ÄĚ RAID data recovery cost effectively. We found that Datalab was the perfect choice. They received the Server on Friday and put three engineers to work over the weekend and by Monday; we were able to have a full data recovery returned to us. Their pricing was approx. 60% of other companies contacted and the service was impeccable. We would wholeheartedly recommend Datalab for any and all your data recovery requirements.¬Ä¬Ě‚ÄĚ