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Memory cards are convenient, but they are not really the safest place to keep your precious photos. Storing your photos on a memory card increases the potential that your photos could be lost due to:

  • Deleted photos from memory card
  • Memory card failure
  • Damage to the memory card
  • Simply overwritten by mistake

Lost Photos On Your Memory Card?

Don’t panic. We are experts at recovering photos from memory cards. We can even recover deleted photos from memory cards. Our professional, experienced data recovery engineers have one of the highest data recovery track records in the nation. Contact us about recovering deleted photos from your memory card. Call toll free 1-888-943-8328.

Memory Card Travel Tips

Here are a few tips to help keep photos on your memory card safe during travel:

  • Keep memory cards in your camera or the memory card case and copy your digital photos from your memory card to another media type such as a hard disk as soon as you return.
  • For long term travel, utilize a separate storage medium such as a USB ext. drive, CD or DVD and back up your digital photos often during your trip.
  • Consider an online backup service if you have Internet access on your trip.
  • When downloading from the memory card and saving to your external device, double check to make sure all photos transferred before deleting photos from the memory card.
  • As soon as you return from your trip, make sure to make a copy of all your photos to your computer or home external hard drive.
  • If you are having trouble transferring files from a seemingly failing memory card, do not try to recover the photos yourself because it may cause further damage to the card — contact a professional computer data recovery service.

Trust the experts at Datalab to recover deleted photos from your memory card. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.

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