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Datalab, Inc. has advanced technology and highly trained recovery data recovery engineers that can recover deleted photos from hard disks of all kinds.

Fortunately, deleted photos are not erased immediately from your computer’s hard disk — so recovery of digital photo files is possible. Why? Because your computer’s operating system doesn’t immediately re-use space from deleted files on the hard drive.

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You must not exercise the hard disk that holds the files you want to recover. So, time is your enemy. As you you continue using your computer the chance of successfully recovering deleted photos decreases.

Deleted photos can be recovered or undeleted right after they are gone, and actually, for a time afterwards – depending on how much you’ve used your computer and if you’ve done any type of hard disk maintenance. However, the chances of a perfect recovery of deleted photos from a hard disk decrease as time goes on, because eventually some or all of that space will be re-used.

The chances of recovery also depends on the amount of “free space” available on your hard disk. Microsoft Windows attempts to avoid re-using disk space that has recently been freed, thus giving data recovery engineers a better chance of of recovering deleted photos from the hard disk. But the fuller a drive is, the sooner the free space is going to be used by other files.

If you have de-fragmented the hard drive since the photos were deleted, this will dramatically hamper chances of a successful recovery of deleted photos from your hard disk. Other files will have been moved into the free space left by deleted photo files in order to reduce fragmentation, making successful photo file recovery uncertain.

Do Not Try To Recover Deleted Photos Yourself!

The worst thing you can do is try to recover deleted photos from a hard disk yourself. You run the risk of worsening the problem and possibly ruining chances of recovering your deleted photos.

Contact us immediately so we can have the best odds of recovering deleted photos from your hard disk.

Our Promise To Our Customers

If we cannot recover deleted photos from your hard disk you will not pay a recovery fee! It’s as simple as that.

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