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Fortunately, when photos are deleted from your digital camera, most cameras do not actually erase photos from your storage media. Usually, the only area of the storage media that is changed is the Directory. If you stop using your camera, all of your photos will most likely still be there. Even when you choose to ‘format’ your media card, recovery of deleted photos from a digital camera may still be possible.

Help! I Deleted Photos From My Digital Camera

Have you deleted photos by mistake? Have any of these things happened to you?

  • Accidentally deleted photos from your camera
  • Mistakenly formatted the media card
  • The media card has become corrupted
  • The camera battery went dead while shooting

Think you have lost all your photos? We can help! It is possible we can recover deleted photos from your digital camera.

First, immediately stop using your digital camera. Continued use reduces the the chances to recover deleted photos from your digital camera.

Next, call us toll free, for a free phone consultation at 1-888-943-8328 to discuss the problem. We can help. Our highly trained data recovery experts have a proven track record of recovering deleted photos from digital cameras.

All Types Of Data Recovery Services Available

We provide all kinds of computer data recovery services.

  • Computer Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Media Data Recovery
  • Server Recovery

So, you accidentally deleted photos from your digital camera? Don’t panic, contact us. No job too big or small — we recover it all.

Our Guarantee

If we can’t recover deleted photos from your digital camera, you pay no recovery fee. It’s as simple as that.

Call us today, toll free for a free phone consultation: 1-888-943-8328. Your reliable digital photo recovery service – Datalab, Inc.