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Even though Zip Disks are considered outdated, there are plenty of people out there still using them, so Zip disk recovery service is still needed. Some people don’t actually use Zip disks for data storage anymore, but may have important data on a disk and when going to retrieve the data from the disk, discover there is a problem with it.

If you have a malfunctioning Zip disk, don’t worry, Datalab, Inc. provides professional zip disk recovery service. Call us toll free at 1-888-943-8328 for a free phone consultation to discuss the recovery of data from your Zip disk.

Zip Disks Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

The advancement of hard drives to multi-gigabyte capacity made backing up with Zip disks less economical. In addition, the arrival of extremely inexpensive recordable/rewritable CD and DVD drives for computers and USB flash drives, pushed the Zip drive out of the mainstream market.

Even so, the advantages of magnetic media over optical media and flash memory, in terms of long-term file storage stability and high erase/rewrite cycles, still gives Zips a small place in the data storage market. Zip competes mostly with USB external hard drives and the Hi-MD version of Sony’s MiniDisc, which stores up to 1GB on a disk that is smaller and less expensive than a 100 MB Zip disk.

How to Avoid a Data Loss Crisis – Back up, back up, back up!


Zip Disk Recovery Services & More . . .

Using the latest equipment and advanced data recovery techniques our highly skilled data recovery engineers can recover lost, deleted, and formatted data from Iomega Zip disks or Jaz drives and more. We provide all types of removable media recovery and computer data recovery services, including:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Digital Photo Recovery
  • Windows Recovery
  • Apple Recovery
  • Linux Recovery

No Zip Disk Data Recovery, No Data Recovery Fee!

If our Zip disk recovery attempt is unsuccessful, you will not pay a recovery fee. It’s as simple as that.

Call us toll free at 1-888-943-8328, for a free phone consultation to discuss your Zip disk recovery service. Get your data back!