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Datalab, Inc. has a proven track record of successful removable media recovery or all kinds. We are experienced and have the latest data recovery methods. No job is too big or small — we recover it all.

Rescue data from damaged DVDs, including movie DVDs.

Recover data from all types of computer CDs: music, backup data, book CDs, — any type of compact disc.

Digital photo and other types of memory stick data recovery.

Data recovery from removable zip drives.


Promise To Our Customers

If there’s no data recovery on your removable media recovery, you do not pay a recovery fee.

Call us now, toll free at 1-888-943-8328 for a FREE phone consultation. Trust your removable media recovery to the experts at Datalab, Inc. We have one of the highest successful computer data recovery rates in the nation.


How to Avoid a Data Loss Crisis – Back up, back up, back up!