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SATA hard drives are the most common type of hard drive found in laptops or notebooks and in desktop computers. Despite being introduced for its improved performance compared to the old fashioned PATA hard drives, the SATA or Serial-ATA hard drive is essentially still a mechanical piece of hardware. As such, it is still prone to physical damage as well as damage to the firmware. When this damage does occur, it can mean potential data loss that is costly to individuals or businesses without effective and reliable SATA recovery services. Datalab, Inc. boasts one of the highest data recovery rates in the industry.

What Is A SATA Hard Drive?

The hard drive of a computer stores everything from the operating system and essential system files to personal documents such as work documents and home photographs. When the drive becomes corrupt or damaged, it not only means that the computer will cease to operate properly but it can mean the loss of data that is stored on the drive. Replacing the hard drive may be an inexpensive way to recover the computer but you will not retain any of the lost data without effective SATA recovery.

Common SATA Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

Hard drives failures fall under four broad categories:

  • Firmware Corruption
  • Electronic Failure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Logical Failure

Depending on the type and severity of failure or damage, SATA recovery can be a relatively simple procedure using SATA recovery hardware and software, or it can be much more complex requiring sterile laboratory conditions and skilled, data recovery engineers.

How to Avoid a Data Loss Crisis – Back up, back up, back up!


The Benefits Of SATA Recovery From Datalab, Inc.

Datalab, Inc.  provides industry leading SATA hard drive recovery for companies and individuals. So whether you’ve lost cherished family photographs or mission critical business files, our SATA recovery services include our guarantee — if we don’t recover your data you don’t pay a recovery fee. Highly trained data recovery engineers have extensive expertise and knowledge in SATA recovery, providing you with the greatest chance of recovering your most valuable data.

Act Quickly To Recover Your Data

There is no guarantee that data can be effectively recovered, however Datalab, Inc.  offers a  guarantee — if our SATA data recovery isn’t successful you will not pay a recovery fee. The key to successful SATA recovery is acting quickly and preventing irreparable damage from occurring to the drive itself and the data that it contains, so contact Datalab, Inc. today about our high quality SATA recovery service. Call now toll free (888) 943-8328.