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Flash Drive Data Recovery

Do you have a Flash drive that is malfunctioning that holds critical, irreplaceable data? Don’t panic. The data recovery specialists at Datalab, Inc. can help. All we do is data recovery, and we hold a near 95% success rate in all flash drives data recovery related cases… so, you are in good hands when it comes to recover the data from a malfunctioning (or broken) flash drive. Furthermore, we offer a simple pricing structure with flat fees flash drive data recovery starting at $149.

We perform successful USB flash drive recovery on all brands, including generic or name brands. There are no upfront fees whatsoever to start the service and we can attempt a recovery for any situation including thumb drives issues such as:

  • Displays drive as having 0 MB
  • Comes up as Unknown Device
  • Windows message to format the drive
  • Error saying ‘unreadable’
  • Broken USB connector
  • Broken Flash drive

We at Datalab Inc. have a high success rate of flash drive recovery, no matter what the problem is with the Flash drive.

What Is A Flash Drive?

A flash drive is a compact device used to store all types of digital data and is more portable and durable than a hard drive. A flash drive is the perfect device for transferring data between two PCs via the USB ports. USB flash drives are also known as “pen drives”, “flash drives”, “USB drives”, “USB sticks” “memory sticks” and a wide variety of other names. The need for Flash drive recovery service is more common today due to the the wide spread usage of these incredible devices.

Goodbye To Floppies

USB flash drives are now used for the same reasons as floppy disks used to be in the not so distant past. Flash drives are smaller, faster, have thousands of times more capacity, and are more durable and reliable due to their minimal amount of moving parts. Up to about 2005, most PC and laptop computers were shipped with floppy disc drives, but now floppy disk drives have been abandoned in favor of the more convenient and versatile USB ports.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Prices

Starting at

  • All Type of Issues


Flash Drive Recovery

We perform any type of flash drive data recovery, including:

  • USB Drive Data Recovery
  • Thumb Drive Recovery
  • Jump Drive Recovery
  • Pen Drive Recovery
  • Memory Stick Recovery
  • Any type of portable, USB Drive Recovery Device

No Data Recovered, No Recovery Fee!

If our flash drive recovery attempt is unsuccessful, you will not pay a recovery fee. It’s as simple as that. Call us toll free at 1-888-943-8328, for a free phone consultation to discuss the problems with your flash drive. Recovery of your data is possible if you choose the right data recovery services. Get your data back! Contact Datalab, Inc. today.