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Desktop Recovery Services

Datalab, Inc. offers individuals and companies a range of desktop recovery services that minimize or remove data loss following hard drive crashes and corruption. Repairs are carried out in our laboratory facilities; ensuring the best possible desktop recovery solution for your circumstances. Our skilled desktop data recovery engineers boast one of the highest data recovery rates in the business!

There are many instances when desktop recovery is critical. Businesses are especially keen to recover data because it can mean lost revenue and damaged reputations, but home users are often equally reliant on the information that is stored on their hard drive while also being less likely to regularly back up their important files and documents. At Datalab, Inc. we employ the latest, state of the art desktop recovery hardware and software and implement the most effective desktop recovery techniques to generate one of the highest data recovery rates available.

Possible Causes Of Hard Drive Crashes

Hard drive crashes are the most common cause of data loss, and these can be caused by mechanical or electrical damage as well as firmware corruption or logical failure. Depending on the type of problem your hard drive has suffered, the actual amount of data recovered will also differ but if you are experiencing problems with a hard drive then you should act quickly. Continued use of a damaged drive can lead to even greater problems and less likelihood of full desktop recovery.

Protect Your Data

Protecting your data before problems occur is always advised. Possible methods of data protection include making a regular back up of your most important files and only handling internal computer components if you know what you are doing. However, even with the greatest care and an automated, daily backup system it is still possible to suffer from data loss and need effective desktop recovery.

Effective Desktop Recovery

Datalab, Inc. is a leading, nationwide desktop recovery service and offers all customers, whether individual or business, our guarantee — if we can’t recover your data you don’t pay a recovery fee.

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How to Avoid a Data Loss Crisis – Back up, back up, back up!