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Do you have a hard drive that is malfunctioning?

If the data on your drive is important and/or irreplaceable it’s imperative you contact a professional data recovery service. At Datalab, Inc. our highly trained data recovery engineers, using our advanced recovery methods replace parts such as drive heads and chips, and then re-calibrate and rewrite the firmware to get your hard drive reading so we can recover your data. Furthermore, we have a straightforward pricing structure offering a flat fee data recovery pricing starting at $299.

Do Not Risk Permanent Data Loss

If your hard drive has failed or is making clicking and grinding sounds you should not attempt hard drive recovery yourself since you risk doing more damage which could make it impossible to recover data from your hard drive. Many people think they can do data recovery themselves. There is a multitude of computer data recovery software available today. BUT remember: software can only read or recover data from a working drive! If your drive is intermittently working, and you continue to exercise it, you run the risk of permanently losing your data. Contact the hard drive recovery specialists at Datalab, Inc. Call toll free now, at 1-888-943-8328, for a free phone consultation. Get your data back safely!

Flat Fee Hard Drive Recovery Pricing


  • Reformatted/Deleted Data
  • Light Indexing Issues


  • Light File System Issues
  • Severe Indexing Issues


  • Severe File System Issues
  • Light Mechanical Issues


Starting at $1199
Starting at $1199
  • Severe Mechanical Issues
  • *Avg. based on complexity
    average based on complexity and drive condition


A Promise To Our Customers

If we fail at your hard drive recovery, you do not pay a recovery fee. Call us now toll free at 1-888-943-8328 for a FREE phone consultation. Trust your hard drive recovery to the experts at Datalab, Inc. We have one of the highest successful computer data recovery rates in the nation.

Types of Hard Drive Recovery

Our highly trained data recovery engineers are experienced at PC and Mac data recovery.

Because laptops are portable computers and are constantly being moved and knocked around, they are more at risk for data loss than a desktop PC.

If your cell phone’s SIM card has failed — don’t panic. We are experts in SIM card data recovery.

The key to successful SATA recovery is acting fast and preventing irreparable damage from happening to the drive itself and the data that it contains.

Our experienced data recovery engineers are experts at NTFS data recovery. We can recover deleted files as well as other critical data.

The high performance of SCSI drives can, unfortunately, lead to issues with instability and reliability, making SCSI recovery a necessity.

Have you suffered a hard drive crash and need hard drive recovery services for your failed Seagate drive? Contact the data recovery specialists at Datalab.


Other Recovery Services

Cell phones hold critical contact phone numbers and other important data. Trust the experts at Datalab, Inc. for the recovery of irreplaceable mobile device data.

Also known as thumb or USB drives, these small, portable storage devices are prone to problems such as data corruption and drive failure.

Nothing beats the convenience of an external USB travel drive that can hold huge amounts of data. However, they take a beating and often fail, making hard drive recovery necessary.

We understand that your business cannot afford down time, so we provide the fastest RAID data recovery service possible.