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Data encryption is a system that secures and protects your company’s data — it ensures privacy of sensitive information. Our highly skilled data recovery engineers are experts at encrypted data recovery.

Encrypted Data RecoveryEncrypted Data Recovery

Yes, even though encrypted data adds layers of complexity to the data recovery process, encrypted data can be recovered by our trained, experienced data recovery engineers.

We are qualified to handle highly sensitive data and can return your data to you. We will work with your IT department and comply with your security policies during the encrypted data recovery process.

Datalab Recovery, Inc. has a proven track record of successful computer data recovery. Trust the experts to get your data back. Contact us online now or by calling toll free 1-888-943-8328 for a free consultation.

Lost Keys & Passwords

Encryption requires proper management of secret ‘keys’ (such as passwords files, tokens, certificates). In some cases a lost key could create a situation where it would not be possible to decrypt information due to proprietary technologies or authorization issues. Datalab will discover if there is an issue in the initial analysis and inform you of encrypted data recovery options.

Have A Special Protocol or Situation?

If your company has special guidelines for recovering sensitive or private data, please contact us to discuss your particular situation. Call toll free 1-888-943-8328.